Best Medical Insurance Companies and How to Use It Abroad

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Finding out the best health insurance companies might be your first priorities before moving abroad. Surprisingly, there are many good options with affordable plans, so this must put you in dizziness to consider what suits best for you.
At least, you have to pay attention to some factors, including:

  • Get your self-know the global medical insurance. Educate yourself on the products offered by insurance companies.
  • Once you pick the top list, start to compare the international plans. Make sure you learn about the options that cover you for one year or six months at least.
Best Insurance Companies

Best Insurance Companies You Can Compare

  1. Cigna Global Insurance

    Cigna Global Medical Insurance provides flexible plan to allow you choose and pay plan you need. It offers three levels of cover; silver, gold and also platinum. Each plan features medical insurance. You can both choose two areas of coverage. The optional modules provided are the International Medical Evacuation, Wellbeing, International Vision and also Dental that enables you to use it while staying abroad.
    Additionally, there are also deductible options and a wide range of cost share that you can adjust based on your budget plan.

  2. IntegraGlobal

    It is a U.K insurance company that has offices in most Europe countries, Asia and North America. They specify the insurance for individuals and professionals that will give health protection for expatriates and professionals that work in risk. The best feature to enjoy is the excellent value and its personal service. You will love it as they have a better support with a licensed broker that follow up clients for giving additional details.

  3. International Medical Group

    It is one of the best international insurance companies that provide widest range product for expatriates. It includes the trip cancellation and medical plans. With their 20 years of experience, International Medical Group now has been grown to be a prominent company that is ensuring clients in 170 countries.

  4. Allianz

    Allianz has been one of the most prominent insurance company in the world. This company is well-known as international health insurance for employees that also covers the expatriates. They offer a good plan that suits your need with a tailored budget plan. They are also accessible for you who live abroad.

How to Use the Medical Insurance Abroad?

Assuming that you have compared the insurance companies and chosen the suites for you, some tips below will be your guide to cover your medical care.

  1. Choose Your Medical Center

    Some of you might have no time to find out the medical center near your office or home. In fact, you need it! Make sure you only choose health care provider that is on the company’s network. Your doctor will bill the payment directly to the company. Otherwise, you will spend more budget, and it sometimes needs to get reimbursed. So, as you have leisure time several days after your arrival, go and find out the medical center that is in your network.

  2. Keep All the Bills and Documents and Consult It

    Get all of your documents in hands and readily available. You don’t know when the bad things happened and you need quick help. Carry your insurance card all the times and always call the insurance company before receiving treatment (if it is possible). Then, record all the documents and bills well as the personal medical history.



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